Semi Private cruise around Milos  

General info:

  • Meeting time: 08:40 am
  • Meeting point: Directly on La Pomme Bleue, in front of Kinigos restaurant (Adamas Port)
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Small groups

Our sailing boat “La Pomme bleue” starts sailing from Adamas port till “Kleftiko” sea sight and all the way back (09:00 – 18:00). Leaving Adamas, the trip starts by passing by the traditional fishing villages such as the colorful “Klima” and “Skinopi”, heading to the famous “Bear rocks” to finally cross the breathtaking “cape Vani”. After exiting Adamas gulf, the exploration of the inaccessible West coast of Milos begins. The volcanic landscape embraces the turquoise waters during our ride and you will have time to discover all of the island's mysteries during our four stops for swimming, snorkeling and sea exploration. Of course this includes the famous pirate hideout of “Kleftiko”.

1st stop: “Agathia” bay – 30 mins stop for a first dive into the deep blue waters of Milos and some local breakfast

2nd stop: “Sykia cave” – Entering the astonishing "Sykia cave" with our dinghy boat, there is a stop for exploring the cave’s secrets and swimming into this hidden paradise. If the weather is not good enough, we will stop at the absolutely wonderful and colorful beach of Agios Ioannis.

3rd stop: “Kleftiko” sight – 2 hours stop at the famous bay the pirates, full of caves and a mesmerizing volcanic landscape. You will have time to swim, join us on our dinghy boat in small groups to explore the caves and have a full lunch cooked on board.

4th stop: “Agios Dimitrios” bay – 30 mins stop on our way back to "Adamas", enjoying fresh fruit salad and swimming in front of one of the oldest churches of Milos.

  • Homemade lunch served aboard “La Pomme bleue” 
  • Breakfast with local specialties
  • Evening snack (fruit salad)
  • Coffee, juice, soft drinks, water, beers and wine offered during the whole cruise 


Each itinerary may be amended or canceled according to weather conditions or our captain’s discretion for a comfortable and pleasant experience.

  1. In case of strong northern wind, itinerary is rescheduled starting and finishing at “Provatas” bay, going straight to Kleftiko to be among the first boats to reach the bay, continuing to Tsigrado beach and explore all its cave system, and finishing by the unique white-sand “Gerakas” beach.
  2. In case of strong southern wind itinerary is rescheduled to Adamas – Sarakiniko bay – Polyaigos island – Kimolos island
  3. In case of any special nutritional needs (allergies or specific diet), please inform us at the comments area of our booking form        

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